NSH tenancy

 As a tenant you will have one of these types of tenancy with us:

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract.


Tenant responsibilities include:

  • Paying your rent in full and on time to maintain a clear rent account
  • To report repairs needed to your home
  • To live in your property as your only or main home
  • Not to be a nuisance


Tenant rights:

  • You have the right to make alterations, improvements or adaptations to the property and it is essential that you obtain written permission from us before doing any of the work
  • You have a right to have repairs done within published time limits. If we do not complete the repair by the stated time, you may be entitles to compensation
  • You have a right to mutual exchange as long as you are not in breach of your tenancy. For more information visit our mutual exchange page

For further information please refer to the tenancy agreement


Newark and Sherwood Homes responsibilities include:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Providing advice and assistance on your tenancy
  • Investing in your property
  • Maintenance of communal and estate facilities
  • Provide access and information on your rent account