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It is important that you know all the options that are available to you when looking to rent your home. Our handy guide takes you through your options, the costs of renting and what steps to take when times get hard.

Options to rent

Notice Periods

The costs of renting

Homeless – Urgent Housing 

Options to rent

We offer a gateway to renting a home with:

  • NSDC
  • Housing Associations
  • Private Landlords

Each landlord will have different rules about who can live in their homes. Please contact the relevant landlord to find out more.

Different landlords will offer different tenancies:

Assured Shorthold Tenancy - available from housing associations. These are a fixed term tenancy between 6 months and 5 years in length and usually have a 6 month introductary period.

Secure Tenancy - usually granted to new council tenants who have successfully completed a 12 month introductory tenancy or tenants who transfer from an existing Newark and Sherwood District Council tenancy to another council tenancy.

Assured Tenancy - Usually when a housing management company is providing the tenancy on behalf of another landlord.

Most private landlords offer an assured shorthold tenancy up to 6 months, please check details with the relevant landlord.  

Each landlord will have their own tenancy agreement with terms and conditions which set the rules of the tenancy which you will have to sign and follow. Some landlords may require a deposit and references.

Notice periods

When ending your tenancy you must give us no less than four weeks' notice in writing that ends before 12 noon on a Monday.

You must remove all your furniture, personal belongings and rubbish from your property (including gardens, outbuildings and communal areas) by the date your tenancy ends. You will be responsible for all reasonable removal and/or storage charges when items are left in the property and these will be stored for one month only. If any items are not collected after one month, we will dispose of them and you will be responsible for the reasonable costs of disposal.

You must make sure that the house and gardens, including any fixtures and fittings that you have installed or improvements you have made, is in good condition and good working order. If it is not, we will put things right and charge you for doing so.

When your tenancy ends, you must leave your property and hand the keys in to us at or before that date and time. If we have to change the locks at your property we will charge you for doing so.

This applies for all council tenants, other landlords may have different notice periods which will be set out in your tenancy agreement. For more information please visit the tenancy information page.


The costs of renting

As well as your rent you will need to pay:

  • Contents Insurance (Newark and Sherwood Homes offers contents insurance (PDF File, 1,797kb) to Newark and Sherwood Homes tenants)
  • Council Tax
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water rates
  • Phone and Broadband
  • TV Licence -  this is in addition to connection and potentially aerial cost
  • Basic maintenance costs for your property and garden (if applicable)

This is in addition to everyday living costs for example food, clothes and transport.

Book a financial assessment

Homeless – Urgent Housing

Homelessness is defined in Law and this will determine what type of assistance you may be given. You do not not have to wait until you have lost your home to seek assistance. If you are in the process of losing your home, steps can be taken to prevent this. More details are available here.

You can contact one of our advisors now using webchat or call us on 0800 561 0010 to talk through your personal circumstances.

Shelter is a homelessness charity that runs a housing helpline, has a network of housing aid centres, works with local citizen’s advice bureau and where you can also get independent advice.