Homes available now

To express an interest in a property, please have your application number ready. If you have not yet registered,you can do so by going to my account. The properties available are listed below. Decide which properties you best fit the criteria for and place your bid. Please remember that you can bid for a maximum of two NSDC properties each week. There are no limits on the number of bids you can place for other landlords' properties.  

Bids open on a Thursday and close the following Monday at 12 noon. There will be no properties available to bid on outside of these days.

Please be aware that if you and/or your partner are claiming housing benefits, of working age, have no dependants, and are applying for 2 or 3 bedroom accommodation, regardless of its type, you will be liable for the Under Occupation Charge.


GFCH = Gas Fired Central Heating



Express an interest in a property

Once the deadline has passed, the landlord will contact you if they require any further information, confirm your interest or make you an offer