A tenant's story - rent

Michael was extremely pleased to move in to a bungalow in Sutton on Trent where he has lived for over 50 years before moving away to work abroad and in other parts of the country. He’s lived in Sutton for most of his life with his late wife and his two children.

He was extremely pleased when he had found out to be successful in applying for the bungalow. 

‘I love it here, I’m only 300 yards from my family and as an added bonus I’m living next door to a lifelong friend. I’ve settled in straight away, there’s still a lot of unpacking to do but I’m so pleased to be living in Sutton again, it feels like I’m back home now. Some neighbours even waive at the window when they see me.’

‘The process of applying was very easy and everything was made easy for me, the housing officer was extremely helpful.’