Complaints, Comments and Compliments

Did you know we have a customer comments policy covering complaints, compliments and comments including suggestions for improvement?

Whether you have had a positive experience or our standards have fallen below what is expected, or you have an idea for improvement – we want to hear from you.

What is a complaint?

A complaint may be received when the customer considers that we have:

  1. Done something wrong or done something badly;
  2. Not done something at all, that we should have done;
  3. Been impolite or unhelpful (this includes both staff and our contractors);
  4. Not provided a service in the time expected or specified;
  5. Failed to meet our legal duties.

What isn’t a complaint?

  1. The first request for a service, or where the first request has not yet had sufficient time to be delivered
  2. A complaint about another resident
  3. A complaint about a service which Newark and Sherwood District Council does not provide
  4.  Request for information
  5. An explanation of policy or procedure

How to log a complaint, compliment or comment:

  • in person with any of our staff
  • over the phone by calling 0800 561 0010
  • by emailing:
  • through our web chat
  • through our complaints form here.

We operate a three stage complaints process

Stage 1: Consideration of complaint by a manager (within 10 working days of complaint receipt)

Stage 2: Consideration of complaint by a manager or director not involved in complaint (within 15 working days of Stage 2 complaint receipt)

Stage 3: Consideration of complaint by Tenant Panel (at next available Tenant Panel meeting)


If a customer wishes to progress to the next stage, they must clearly indicate that they wish to do so within the following timescales:

From Stage 1 to Stage 2 -  Within 6 weeks of Stage 1 response

From Stage 2 to Stage 3 - Within 2 weeks of Stage 2 response

If a customer remains dissatisfied at the end of our complaints process, they will be informed of the right to refer their complaint to the relevant ombudsman service and provided with the necessary details.


We define a compliment as:

“An indication that we have performed well, provided a good service or gone beyond expectations.”

When customer comments are received which praise the activities of Newark and Sherwood District Council, these are welcomed as indicators of excellent service provision as well as recognition of a job well done.  Compliments provide an additional opportunity to learn from and build on our strengths and give a particular insight into the drivers of customer satisfaction.


We define a suggestion as:

“An idea of how we could improve or change the current service offered.”

When customer comments are received which suggest changes or improvements to our services, these are welcomed as valuable sources of information from the recipients of our services.  All suggestions will be considered for the opportunities they present to further improve our services.