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New Shed for Coghill Court Communal Gardens

4 September 2018

We are delighted that a new shed has been built for the communal gardens of Coghill Court in Southwell.

The funding for the shed was kindly donated by Southwell Rotary Club as part of their work in helping local causes. The shed was built by Russell Smith from White Post Farm Garden Buildings & Greenhouses and help from Coghill Court resident Bob Griffin.

The communal gardens have been developed by Coghill Court residents Bob Griffin and Peter Johnson over the last 18 months. The gardens include flower beds, seating areas and developed vegetable patches, creating a pleasant place for the residents of Coghill Court to enjoy.

Mike Bell, President of Southwell Rotary Club, said: “It's a great pleasure to assist the residents of Coghill Court as they develop their garden. They have worked so hard to establish an area where they can relax and take time out and they have plans to do more. Spending time with them, as they showed members of Southwell Rotary Club what they have achieved so far, was time well spent. We wish them good luck with their endeavours.”

The new shed will allow residents to store garden tools, allowing more people to get involved in the maintenance of the gardens.
Rebecca Rance, chief executive of Newark and Sherwood Homes, commented: “The shed is a welcome addition for the gardens of the lovely community at Coghill Court. We are grateful to Southwell Rotary Club for the kind donation and also the ongoing dedication of Coghill Court’s residents in taking pride in their homes and working hard to make their green spaces beautiful and an area which can be enjoyed by all.”