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Shining charitable light in Cape Verde

27 March 2018


One of our street wardens has helped make a big impact to a children’s charity in Africa, following donations from staff. 

Sarah Sturgeon, a street warden, visited street children in Cape Verde back in December and joined forces with a loca‌l housing project and orphanage during her trip.

Ahead of Sarah’s trip, staff came together to collect various items for Sarah to take with her, which were donated to ‘The Kim Barbosa School’ in Santa Maria.

Stationery items such as pens, crayons and notepads were donated, among other much-needed everyday items including toys, clothing, tooth brushes and torches. 

Sarah said: “It was an amazing life-changing experience and I am so pleased that I was able to visit a vulnerable area like this and make a difference to the community. I am incredibly grateful that my colleagues Newark and Sherwood Homes were able donate so many useful items. The children’s faces ‘literally’ lit up when I gave them the gifts – the torches proved to be the most successful item – the children loved shining them on the walls in dark rooms making shapes.

“Making a difference to people and communities is one of my passions in life. The conditions these children were living in were devastating and it made me realise how lucky and fortunate we are to have access to social housing and everyday needs, such as hot water and electricity.”

Sarah has also recently won a Nora Armstong Community Spirit Award in recognition of determination, tenacity, loyalty and her ability to put tenants at the heart of everything she does.

Rebecca Rance, chief executive at Newark and Sherwood Homes said: “Our staff are extremely passionate about helping people who need it most and we’re very proud of Sarah who regularly goes the extra mile to help communities across our district and now around the word. Sarah is a real asset to the company and we’re delighted that she represents Newark and Sherwood Homes.”