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Frozen pipes

1 March 2018

With freezing temperatures across our district, we are getting a lot of calls with regards to problems with boilers not working due to frozen pipes. You can thaw a frozen pipe yourself following a few simple steps.


Locate the frozen water pipe (possibly close to your boiler)

Hold a hot water bottle, or a heat wrap, around the pipe

Pour warm (not boiling), water over the frozen end of the pipe

If the pipe is unfrozen, try switching the boiler on again. If it fires up, it’s fixed. If it doesn’t, try pouring warm water on the pipe again.


Some other areas to check if your boiler is not working;

Have you turned your thermostat up?

Have you checked there is credit on your metre?

Is there power in your property? If not, your boiler will not work, this could be due to a power cut.


If this doesn’t work and it is an emergency, please call us on 0800 5610010 to report this and we will arrange an appointment for an engineer to attend in line with our repairs policy.

Please be aware that in the current weather conditions our repair service is in high demand and we prioritise emergency issues.