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Your rent is changing from April 2020

24 December 2019

Rents for council tenants across the country are changing from April 2020.

The Government’s Regulator of Social Housing has recently published a new Rent Standard, which explains how social housing providers, including councils, can set and change rents from April 2020. For more information see here:

This increase applies to all social housing tenants across the country, including all council tenants.

The new standard means that the majority of our tenants will experience an increase in their rent next year. This follows the last four years where the government policy at the time meant that rents went down by 1% each year.

We are committed to ensuring the rents you pay remain value for money.  The increase will follow the latest government guidelines which mean that increases in rent will be a maximum of 2.7%. Newark & Sherwood District Council will confirm the level of the rent increase in February 2020.

What will happen next?

We will write to all tenants at least one month before the changes are made. For most people, this means we will write to you in February to let you know how your rent will change from April 2020.

If you have any questions or want to discuss how the rent changes may affect you, please call 0800 561 0010 or email