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Review of Housing Management Services

4 April 2019

The council has agreed an 'in-principle' decision to bring the management of housing service in-house.

At Newark and Sherwood Homes we are proud to deliver excellent housing services and of our track record of delivery over the last 14 years.

We are aware that the Policy and Finance Committee at Newark and Sherwood District Council, has agreed an ‘in-principle’ decision to take the management of housing services back in-house and directly deliver these within the council. We will work with the council to maximise the opportunities presented and manage any risks, from this proposed change. The report offers an opportunity for tenants to contribute through independent consultation which is due to begin following the local elections.

Rebecca Rance, chief executive at Newark and Sherwood Homes commented: “The delivery of excellent services to our tenants and customers remains our priority and we are pleased that the company’s track record has been commended as part of this report. We are proud to deliver high performing and low cost services that our tenants value. We would encourage any tenant or their representative who wishes to be involved with the independent consultation referred to in the report to get in touch and we will support them to engage in the consultation exercise once it has been finalised.”